The team

Thomas Punty Kighisztan Leanin PeakThomas Punty

Age : 24
Size : 1,80m
Weight : 65kgs
Occupation : Business School

Your favorite dish?
I love my grandma’s Gnocchi, it’s a kind of pasta made with potatoes
A quote you always use?

“We are better here than in jail, right ?”
Your most memorable adventure moment?
Belaying under a paragliding
Worst experience? Having our gear stolen at a basecamp in Bolivia, we were forced to go back all the way down after the summit…A long 24 hours walk
Your gear for X-Rockies?
Ozone Alpina² ; Kortel Design Kolibri Harness ; and a good book.

NelsoX rockies Paragliding Ski touring expedition rocky mountainsn Defreyman

Age : 22
Size : 1,73m
Weight : 67kgs
Occupation : Skiing and Paragliding instructor  


Your favorite dish?
My grandma’s homemade pasta with a nice roastbeef
A quote you always use?
“hard training, easy war”
Your most memorable adventure moment?
Climbing the Lenin Peak in Kirghisztan
Your worst experience?
When we got caught by the bad weather in Kirghisztan : 20 days stuck in a 2m² tent
Your gear for X-Rockies?
Ozone Alpina² ; Kortel Design Kolibri harness and ultralight skis 

We are two cousins, passionate about the outdoors and mountains from an early age, pushing hard to get the most out of every experience.

Always looking for new challenges, we never want to do things like other people. We love things that have never been done before or places where nobody has ever been and that is why we push our limits so much. 

There are so many things to do in this world, so why do the same things? Performance doesn’t taste the same if it has already been tasted before.

Creativity is our motto and we want to share it with you !


Let’s watch the world on another sight, more fun, where eveything is possible as soon as you provide yourself with the means to do it.

We are two cousins, with strong links that lead them to try new things. From Bolivia to Kirghisztan, we always try to get the most of each experiences. Getting high or fast : ok ; but not at any cost : we believe in alpine style : just a tent, a stove and a lot of motivation….But don’t worry, we don’t lack of this last spec.

Our goal : bring you with us on this expedition ! Thanks for watching our blog

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